Effects Of Sex During Pregnancy

Effects Of Sex During Pregnancy
why is getting intimate with your partner when pregnant an issue?

Of course everyone knows where babies come from. All life starts with sexual intercourse.

If this is so, why is getting intimate with your partner when pregnant an issue? Truly, pregnancy is a period where one experiences many physical and even emotional changes that makes it possible for new life to emerge. And this physical and emotional changes influence the sex life.

During pregnancy, women experience a decrease and increase in sex appetite. When pregnant it is hard to predict the upsurge of sexual activity.

There are many physiological factors and reasons that affect the rate of sexual activity when pregnant and they ought not be overlooked.

Sex Drive of Pregnant Women

In the first stage of pregnancy, it is natural for the body to experience a real hormone boom and may become indifferent to sex.

During this time, sounds and smells seem sharper and even those fragrance that were wonderful before pregnancy can become irritating. The reactions to certain things differ from usual as a result of the emotional and physiological changes going on.

Some Women get sick and dizzy during the early stage. Women need more care, love, attention at this time than ever.

Foods That May Boost Babies’ Brain When Pregnant

When Pregnant Women Want Sex Again

During the second trimester, sexual urge is increased in almost all women. The stronger desire for sex is as a result of the increased flow of blood towards the sexual organs. And remember, the belly isn’t that big to prevent having sex yet. The good news is you don’t have to worry about contraceptives, you are even more lubricated at this time.

Since pregnancy is going really well and no contradictions. Then, pregnancy sex might just be that breakthrough. Having sex during this period can be the brightest period of your sex life. There’s a chance the sex at this period might be the best you’ve ever had.

Sex during Last Pregnancy Months

The last few months of pregnancy brings with it a decrease in sexual appetite. Pregnant women experience this drawing pain in the loins and have a big belly. Women shy away from sex at this point because they feel unattractive. But, this is when the couple becomes creative and seek for new ways of sexual satisfaction.

Take a Break

Few weeks before estimated birth date, it would be wise to stay away from sex because sexual intercourse at later stages can bring about birth contractions. When woman gets excited, oxytocin – the hormone responsible for stimulating the womb contractions, is released into the blood; prostaglandin – the hormone in male seminal fluid, has the same effect.

Why Does Your Husband Avoid Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy is no illness. If the woman is healthy and carrying a baby, she goes to work, goes shopping, hangs out with her friends and, of course, makes love.

Can Sex Harm the Baby?

Of course, it is totally safe and can’t hurt your baby. Naturally, there’s a feeling that sex during pregnancy can hurt your baby but is that not what brought about the baby in the first place?

You can’t endanger your baby’s life by having sex. The baby is shielded properly inside the bubble and in the womb. Again,  Amniotic fluid cushions more or less hard kicks very well. Mucous plug in the womb makes it impossible for harmful bacteria to get to the baby.

You see there’s no reason not to make love when pregnant. And just because it is safe doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind.

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