First Pregnancy: Things To Know

First Pregnancy: Things To Know
buy all you need to avoid forgetting an important item

When pregnant especially if it’s the first one, advice comes from all angles. There is too much advice rendered to a first timer and this can make it difficult to know which is helpful. Trying to sort it all out can be adding stress to what should have been a blissful time.

There are certain things worth to note during your first pregnancy.

Make the basics available


You’ve got nine months, right? Enough time to prepare the baby’s room and get prepared for your new little bundle of joy. Truthfully, that big time will go too fast. Morning sickness may make your days appear long and probably the baby will arrive before you’re fully prepared.

The idea most women adopt is to shift things until the baby’s arrival is close. There are many things needed before the arrival of your baby, I advise you buy all you need to avoid forgetting an important item. If you don’t feel you can’t do it alone ask a family member to assist you.

Bear it in my mind that towards the end of your pregnancy you may not be up to shopping or getting the baby’s room ready. Fatigue or having the baby arrive earlier than estimated could make procrastination a very wrong choice. Before delivery you are expected to have the following:

  • The crib
  • Bedding
  • Child safety seat (so you can bring your baby home!)
  • A couple of changes of clothing,
  • A baby bib or two (these can serve double duty as burp cloths!)
  • Diapers
  • A receiving blanket.


Stay Off the Scale

Avoid becoming obsessed with your weight by skipping a daily weigh-in. Your regular doctor’s appointment is enough to check your weight (unless your doctor says otherwise). Rather than constantly checking your weight, focus on trying to eat reasonably healthy food in reasonable amounts. As long as you avoid “eating for two” at every meal, you should be fine.

Most women become overly worried about gaining too little, gaining too much, and how quickly or slowly they are gaining weight. Your weight gain will vary in speed during your pregnancy.


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Pay Less Attention To Advice

It is exhausting and almost annoying that everyone has something to chip in once they know you are expecting. Take your doctor’s advice and some from your mom or close friend and pay less attention to what everyone else has to say.


Avoid Tales of Terror

For certain reasons, people tend to delight in telling expectant women horrible tales. Tune out the stories you are being told, always remember that no two pregnancies are same. Stories of long deliveries and painful experiences.

However, don’t cuddle yourself with the perfect pregnancy tales, it’s a pregnancy. There are certain things that ought to happen, having morning sickness or swollen ankles doesn’t mean much. You want to hear about how someone had no morning sickness, no mood swings, no fatigue, no swollen ankles, no complexion change… there is no magical pregnancy. Deal with your experiences as best as you can and soon you will behold your bundle of joy.

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