Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin: Engaged!

Late final summer time, we reported that divorced Married At First Sight star Jon Francetic was courting Dr. Jessica Griffin.

They’ve been an merchandise for some time now — since somewhat over 5 months after Jon Francetic’s season concluded filming.

Now, Jon and Jessica havea  very thrilling announcement: they’re engaged!

Jon Francetic Kisses Dr. Jessica Griffin

Jon Francetic rose to fame on Married At First Sight, however in the end ended up getting divorced.

But that present nonetheless helped him discover love, if not directly — as a result of he is now engaged to the present’s relationship knowledgeable. Dr. Jessica Griffin.

“I just love how happy she looks,” Jon writes alongside a candy photograph of the couple on Instagram.

“Oh, and we got engaged at the Grand Canyon yesterday!” he pronounces. “And now @dr.jessicagriffin is mine foreverrrr”

Jon then consists of the tags: “#shesmine #nervouswreck.”

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin: Engaged!

“I have always said,” Jessica writes. “You can find love in extraordinary ways.”

She expresses: “you just have to follow your heart and be you, nobody other than you,”

“And,” the connection knowledgeable continues. “The right person will find you.”

Jessica then jokes: “(if he’s persistent enough and eventually hunts you down and won’t take no for an answer).”

She’s joking somewhat, right here. If a person really hunts you down and will not take no for a solution, please name the police.

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin at the Grand Canyon

“For the first time in my history of knowing him,” Jessica writes. “Jon was at a loss for words and a total adorable mess on his knee.”

That sounds so valuable.

“So, of course, I said yes,” she gushes.

Jessica then jokes that she was “just helping a guy out.”

Real discuss: generally, pity engagements occur. But this was clearly not one.

“Today,” Jessica shares. “We celebrated yesterday’s Grand Canyon engagement by a sick mountain bike trail ride in Sedona.”

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin

Unfortunately, as is at all times the chance if you accellerate your physique on a skinny metallic body with minimal protections, issues went sideways.

Jessica divulges: “where I decided to faceplant via an endo (where you flip head over feet over your handle bars)”

“And landed on face,” she admits. “Likely breaking nose, bike landing on top of me and jacked up both legs.”

“Hey,” Jessia writes. “In my defense, I was a little distracted by this incredible guy.”

She concludes by gushing: “I love you with everything I have.”

Dr. Jessica Griffin and Jon Francetic

As we talked about, they waited greater than 5 months after the season wrapped filming earlier than they started courting.

It has now been greater than half a 12 months because the two of them introduced to the world that they’re courting.

Some followers of Married At First Sight have been fearful that maybe Jessica unintentionally breached moral boundaries.

After all, she’s an knowledgeable with “Dr.” in her identify and she’s courting a man who, some would say, was primarily her affected person.

But please remember that she was primarily enjoying a job on a actuality tv present. She was not his real-life therapist.

Nobody’s preying upon another person or grooming them into some type of rebound partner.

Two adults simply met beneath uncommon circumstances, fell in love, and acquired engaged. Congratulations to them each!

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