Pregnant: Should I Take Alcohol?

Pregnant: Should I Take Alcohol?

Pregnant: Should I Take Alcohol?                          

It is generally believed that once a woman finds out she’s pregnant she should put a halt to alcohol intake. Since she’s expecting, she probably should drink only nonalcoholic drinks till she delivers,else she may risk her unborn baby’s health.

A team of researchers from the University College London led by Yvonne Kelly, shows that light drinking has no negative effect during pregnancy. The researchers referred to light drinking as the consumption of one to two drinks per week.

Let’s explore the effects of alcohol consumption on the unborn baby.

The study of 12500 three year olds showed that light drinking by mothers during pregnancy had minimal effect on the health of their babies.

According to interviews with mothers, 63% abstained from drinking while pregnant, 29% drank lightly, 6% drank moderately and 2% drank heavily. Three years later, the researchers examined newborn babies and interviewed their parents once again. The study data indicated that boys born to mothers who drank lightly were 40 percent less likely to have behavioral difficulties and 30 percent less likely to have hyperactivity compared to those born to abstinent mothers. As to girls, they were 30 percent less likely to have emotional problems.

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Experts disagree on the interpretation of these findings. However, government advises expecting women to abstain from drinking alcohol. The thing is, will this research encourage or lull women into a false sense of security and prompt them to make mistakes?

If you must drink while pregnant.. Always
Drink no more than two units a day.

Drinking heavily when pregnant is mostly likely going to cause problems. It could lead to miscarriages, death or abnormal growth of the embryo. And there are chances of giving birth to mentally and physically deformed child.


Since there is no exact answer.. It is better to abstain from drinking. Remember, your child deserves all the sacrifices.

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