Thomas Ravenel Accused in Court of Cruel Behavior, Being a Coke Fiend

The ongoing custody battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis continues with no finish in sight.

We have reported on this extensively, however new particulars from a beautiful deposition have come to mild.

For one factor, he is accused of bribing an Uber driver to wipe coke off his face on the day that one of his chidlren was born.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

In order to deal with accusations that Kathryn Dennis drank whereas pregnant, the couple’s former nanny was questioned.

Dawn Ledwell testified that she had seen Kathryn drink on occassion, noting that Thomas had been the one to supply the alcohol.

But the nanny — who has additionally accused Thomas of sexual assault — had a lot extra to say about Thomas himself.

As we beforehand reported, she testified in court docket to having seen Thomas throw ashes and cigarette butts at Kathryn, who was asleep.

She says that, in his rage, he inflicted actual bodily hurt upon his ex.

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

“He nearly amputated Kathryn’s hand in a car door,” Nanny Dawn recalled in her courtroom testimony.

She describes one other mood tantrum of his.

“One day he was very angry at Kathryn for not keeping her house cleaning up,” Dawn describes.

“And,” she accuses. “Was pushing over bookshelves.”

That’s not simply counter productive — that’s a method of terrorizing your partner. It’s emotional abuse.

In a family that features two kids, that’s deeply alarming.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

Dawn Ledwell additionally spoke of her departure from her job as a nanny for Thomas and Kathryn.

“The workplace violence came to the point where I had no choice,” she says.

Her accusation that he sexually assaulted her has resulted in his arrest, and the cost is predicted to go to trial.

“Along with him giving me half my hours to another nanny,” Dawn explains, she “had no choice but to resign.”

Dawn was provided a severance if she agreed to signal a non-disclosure settlement, however she declined to take action.

Notably, one other girl who was additionally allegedly assaulted by Thomas did signal a non-disclosure settlement.

Some have identified that the general public has no method of figuring out what number of others are on the market, compelled to stay silent.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

Dawn has additionally testified about Thomas’ well being and habits.

She “noticed that he was vomiting down on the bed, down the nightstand, down on the floor,” she recalled.

“And,” she continued. “I was very afraid that he would die of asphyxiation or like choke on his own vomit.”

When requested if he ever admitted to her that he had an alcohol drawback, Dawn replied: “He did.”

“At first he was a little bit defensive,” Dawn admitted. “But then he thought about it.”

“And he said I’m really sorry and I know I have a problem with alcohol,” Dawn testified.

Thomas Ravenel Pic

Thomas allegedly instructed her that, throughout his political marketing campaign, he as soon as did coke off of a marketing campaign signal.

That behavior price him his political profession, and in line with Dawn, it was one he continued, even on the evening Saint was born.

Dawn testified about what her good friend, an Uber driver, revealed to her about Thomas’ habits.

“Thomas was the last person to be dropped off and he wanted to give her a tour of his house,” Dawn shared.

“She’s trying to convince him to go to the hospital,” she continued.

Dawn characterised the dialog: “Like ‘Dude, if you’re celebrating the delivery of your child, it’s essential go to the hospital and spend time with the infant. Wasn’t the infant born early?’”

“And so,” Dawn recalled. “He’s like ‘’Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, will you do me a favor? I’ll pay you $500 to wash the cocaine off my face and wipe it off my garments.’”

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis: Southern Charm Season 2

We ought to acknowledge a couple of issues.

One, Dawn Ledwell harbors a very justified dislike for Thomas over the alleged sexual assault.

Two, typically talking, personal drug use shouldn’t be anybody’s enterprise, and never all medication make somebody a worse guardian.

For instance, many individuals have expressed that they’re higher dad and mom for his or her marijuana use.

Cocaine, nevertheless, is infamous for its long-term results upon habits. It’s not irrelevant to a custody case.

Additionally, provided that a lot of Thomas’ assaults upon Kathryn’s parenting hinge upon allegations that she makes use of medication, his personal habits are very related.

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