Why Does Your Husband Avoid Pregnancy Sex

Why Does Your Husband Avoid Pregnancy Sex
Why Does Your Husband Avoid Pregnancy Sex

Why your husband avoids pregnancy sex

Many men find it hard to engage in pregnancy sex. It obviously isn’t based on religion, race or any other statistics. It’s basically a matter of whether he can do it or not.

Pregnant women complain bitterly of their husband’s inability to do it. Most pregnant women say their partner is just not interested.

These women find a way to blame it on themselves, they assume that are not attractive enough to get their partner involved especially in the later stage of pregnancy. That’s not always the reason because a lot of men say their wife’s beauty got enhanced.

So, what is the cause for this? What are the challenges men face when getting it done with a pregnant woman, especially in the later stage of pregnancy?

One or more of this could be the reason he is coming up with so many excuses

Someone Else’s Presence

Most men feel uncomfortable knowing that his child is in the room, which is partly understandable.

Protecting The Unborn Child

A rather surprising number of men assume that they might be knocking the baby on the head. It can’t be. Find a way to make him understand.

Girl Problem

Knowing the gender of your child before delivery probably has its ups and downs.
Many men who know that their pregnant wife is carrying a girl, find it difficult being intimate with their daughter so close.

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Scared of Hurting You

They are simply afraid of endangering you any further.
Communication is of Paramount importance at this stage. You ought to make him see reasons why it’s necessary and be able to clarify what is acceptable and what’s not. For instance, tell him to avoid applying pressure on your stomach or that a cushion should be close by just in case. It’s your duty to convince him that you won’t get hurt if he does it the right way. With the right position and the right amount of pressure sex during pregnancy is good to go.


Though often exhausting to find the perfect position and angle during sex with a pregnant wife. But you most certainly can work something out.

He’s Overlooking the Fact that Intimacy Is not All about Sex

There are a thousand and one ways to have fun without engaging in intercourse. You should help him recall passionately.

Afraid that His Semen Might Bring on Premature Birth

Truly, to some extent the introduction of semen can trigger the arrival of the baby. This is possible because of prostaglandins contained in semen. But it is only possible when the sex is close to the due date. Convince him that pregnancy sex won’t be a problem.

Unaware that Pregnant Women Experience the Most Intense Orgasms

He might turn to be very interested with some tender persuasion that women experience earth shattering orgasms in later stage of pregnancy because of the increased blood flow to the related regions.

If your partner isn’t interested in pregnancy sex especially in the late stage of pregnancy, relax and blame it on any of the above listed.

From studies half of the men seem to have issues with it.
So, you probably shouldn’t worry about being unattractive.

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