Why Weight Loss And Sex Enhancing Supplements Are Harmful

Why Weight Loss And Sex Enhancing Supplements Are Harmful
Why Weight Loss And Sex Enhancing Supplements Are Harmful

Most promising weight loss, muscle gain and even enhanced sexual pleasure supplements are not safe for your health.

These Dietary supplements contain harmful pharmaceuticals, warn researchers.

The FDA has been unable to nail the offenders, they say, placing Americans at risk.

Researchers from the California Department of Public Health has discovered 776 tainted supplements listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 2007 and 2016.

The study unveils that supplements aimed at enhancing sexual pleasure accounted for a whopping 46 percent of the offending products, with weight loss supplements coming in at 40.9 percent and muscle building products at 11.9 percent.

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The products comprised a number of pharmaceuticals, like the active ingredient in Viagra (sildenafil), and of course  sibutramine – an appetite suppressant that was taken off the market because of connection to strokes and heart attacks. Again, the muscle building supplements were discovered to contain synthetic steroids.

98 percent of the tainted supplements, didn’t have the offending ingredients listed on the labeling.

One in every five products were found to contain more than one hidden drug.

People Who Take This Supplements Are Playing With Their Health

More than half of American adults take dietary supplements, which the FDA defines as “any vitamin, enzyme, botanical, amino acid, or mineral that is not intended to cure or prevent a disease.”

The illicit drugs found in the supplements“ have the potential to cause serious adverse health effects owing to accidental misuse, overuse, or interaction with other medications, underlying health conditions, or other pharmaceuticals within the supplement,” the study warns.

However, less than half of these products were recalled after the FDA learned of their contents, which has left the federal agency facing criticism for failing to pursue companies that are selling the misleading supplements.

A number of products continue to contain unapproved prescription drugs after first being flagged by the FDA. The study found that 28 products were listed in two or three different warnings more than six months apart, and 19 of these were found to contain new, unapproved ingredients in the later warnings.

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