Woman Discovers Missing Lens In Her Eyelid After 28 Years

Woman Discovers Missing Lens In Her Eyelid After 28 Years

Just recently, a 42-year-old woman visited an optician because she noticed are eyelids aching and swollen. The doctor observed her eyelid dropped a little. This was no news to the Lady as she was used to her eyelid feeling heavy.

She did an MRI scan and the doctors were able to see a lump under her eyelid.

The surgeons operated, they ruptured the cyst and saw a contact lens. An article published just last week by the BMJ Case Reports Journal.

Amazingly, the contact lens was intact, preserved inside the tissue. It was a hard lens, it was a rigid permeable lens, it’s slightly more durable than most other types of contacts.


The alarming thing is that the woman hasn’t worn rigid gas permeable lenses in almost 30years. At least not after the unfortunate incident.

This really alarming knowledge of the embedded lens reminded the Lady’s mother of something that occurred 28 years earlier.

When the patient was 14 years old, she was playing badminton when a shuttlecock struck her left eye. At that time she was wearing contact, but when the eye was inspected they found no contact. Everyone assumes it has fallen out. And the lady never wore that particular type of contact after the incident.

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Based on the report, it can be said that the lens moved into the eyelid and stayed there asymptotically for almost three decades.

Obviously, her vision wasn’t affected by the lens embedded in her eyelid or the cyst that it caused.


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